Alekia is a city that features in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.


Alekia is where Lufia & the Fortress of Doom begins after the short Battle of Doom Island intro. Alekia is the home city of The Hero and becomes Lufia's as well when she shows up as a child and is taken in by the local innkeeper, Roman. The Alekian Knights call the city home and are said to have the blood of Maxim himself running through their veins, though many of the knights have become incompetent, taking the past 90 years of peace for granted. When The Hero hears rumors of monsters attacking Sheran, he takes it upon himself to leave Alekia and investigate for himself, starting off the adventure.

Services Edit

Weapons Shop:

Dagger - 50g.
Knife - 10g.

Armorer's Shop:

Dress - 120g.
Cloth - 140g.
Cloth Helm - 120g.
Sandal - 50g.

Merchant's Shop:

Potion - 8g.
Antidote - 6g.
Sweet Water - 10g.
Arrow - 2g.



Items & Equipment to be foundEdit


Potion x3, Power Potion, Sweet Water x 2, Arrow, Escape, Swing Wing, 
Stuffed Bear, Antidote, Revive.


Dress, Cloth Helm, Bracelet.

Monsters Outside Edit

Jellyfish, Big Newt, Madshroom.
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