A Capsule Monster (sometimes called a Capsule for short) is a game element in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. One of seven Capsule Monsters can be chosen to fight alongside your other party members, once found and added to your party, and can be evolved into new forms by feeding them, which will give them access to new attacks and special abilities.

List of Capsule MonstersEdit

Element Name
Neutral Jelze
Light Flash
Wind Gusto
Water Zeppy
Dark Darbi
Soil Sully
Fire Blaze

Feeding Your CapsulesEdit

Your Capsule Feeding Bar has 32 spaces. Every time you feed your monster it will fill up some of the spaces in your feeding bar. As your monster evolves, items will be worth less and some will be worthless. Whenever you feed a monster, you will receive a response that correlates with the number of spaces in the feeding bar that gets filled.

Response Spaces Filled
Ughh - Yuk! 0
Mmmm - Good! 1
Yummy! 2
Yummy, Yummy! 4
Thank you!! 6
Incredible! 8
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