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Chatam is a city that features in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.


Chatam is a small farming village to the north of Alekia. Chatam is rather unremarkable and does not have much to offer The Hero. After travelling to Sheran for the second time, The Hero and Lufia encounter a man in the cave just north of Chatam who claims his sister Lilah is a maid at Sheran Castle and asks if they could look for her when in Sheran. Lilah is in fact found in Sheran and after a short trip back to Alekia, The Hero and Lufia return her to her brother in Chatam.

Services Edit

Inn - 5g.

Items & Equipment to be found Edit

Mind Potion, Smoke Ball.

Monsters Outside Edit

Jellyfish, Big Newt, Madshroom.
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