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Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals


18 (including Maxim and Tia)






Elcid (エルシド) is a location in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. It is the first town visited in the game and is Maxim and Tia's hometown.

Buildings Edit

Inn Edit


Cost: 0 Gold

The innkeeper refuses to take Maxim's money for a stay, saying "You've done a lot for us. Can't take your money."

Item Shop Edit

Tia is the proprietor of the item shop.

Item Store
Item Cost
Potion 8G
Antidote 6G
Warp 120G
Escape 100G
Boomerang 20G
Weapon Store Armor Store
Weapon Cost
Frying Pan 10G
Knife 13G
Small Knife 20G
Rapier 100G
Armor Cost
Apron 60G
Dress 90G
Cloth 140G
Pot 30G
Chop Board 30G
Small Shield 100G

Magic Shop Edit

Spell Cost MP Cost
Strong 200G 3MP
Poison 300G 2MP
Spark 300G 3MP

There is a lady in the spell shop that offers to teach you how to use spells.

  • "There's no such thing as a one-enemy or all-enemy spell anymore. It's any spell for any enemy. When there are three jellies, you can put a spell on any or all of them. Of course, if you attack all of them, the damage is less compared to attacking just one. You can concentrate you spell against one enemy or spread it out to attack weak enemies all at once. Also, it's too troublesome to choose one enemy at a time when attacking all of them. In that case, use the R button to select all the enemies at once. Remember this. But what is an R button anyway? I don't know. Do you know, Maxim?"

Church Edit


There is an old man in the church that offers help on certain topics:

  • About Save: "Oh, I see, about Save eh? You can use Save at a Cleric's, or, I hear, in dungeons. Although, I have never seen this Save thing. Is it something you can eat?"
  • About Spells: "You must buy spells at the shop. You don't learn spells naturally during battle. There's a spell shop in town, too. Why not have a look?"
  • About Help: "You can see Help in battle or when you buy items. Place the cursor at spell or item, and press X button. Help is great when you don't know the effects of a spell. But where does it come from, I wonder?"

Duplex House Edit


Townspeople Edit

Townspeople-unique-maxim Maxim Townspeople-blonde-girl-green-dress "I could hear Tia's voice from here. You should apologize to her later, ok!?"
Townspeople-unique-tia Tia "Maxim, please be careful. Anyway, do you need anything?" Townspeople-green-hair-little-girl "Why doesn't Tia get upset at anyone except you, Maxim? Doesn't she like you?"
Townspeople-blonde-boy-in-overalls Inn Keeper "Hello Maxim! You've done a lot for us. Can't take your money. Do you want to stay?" Townspeople-blue-hair-boy "Hey, Maxim. How's the warrior business?"
Townspeople-unique-magic-shop-lady Magic Shop Owner

"Hello there! Which spell do you want?"

Townspeople-brown-hair-girl-white-dress-headband "Listen Maxim. There's a somewhat unusual way to use spells. would you like to know about it?" [Spells]
Townspeople-unique-priest Cleric "What can I do for you today?" Townspeople-bald-oldman-robe "I've been around for quite some time. I know many things, you see. What do you wish to know?"

"Please come back anytime you want more information."

Townspeople-bald-oldman-robe "Maxim . I'll show you my secret dungeon fighting sometime soon."

"Oh, it's you, Maxim. This is a good time to show you my secret techniques for fighting in dungeons. I'll wait for you at the dungeon south of here."

Townspeople-green-hair-old-lady "This city is so peaceful"
Townspeople-blonde-girl-green-dress Daisy "I have to go to Sundletanto get my grandpa's favorite tea." Townspeople-blonde-boy-in-overalls "No formal training, yet your swordsmanship is good. You must have natural talent."
Townspeople-bald-oldman-robe Grandpa "My granddaughter, Daisy, is going to Sundletan to buy some wonderful tea. I so look forward to it." Townspeople-blonde-boy-in-overalls "I have a sense of foreboding these days. I hope it's nothing."
Townspeople-redhead-boy "Don't you think there are more monsters in the cave to Sundletan than there used to be? Townspeople-red-hair-little-boy " I saw a red ball of light shoot into the northern sea last night. I wonder what it was..."

Trivia Edit

  • The town's name is perhaps a reference to the famous "El Cid" of Spanish medieval fame.
  • The villagers in Elcid make the game's only self-referential comments.
    • When explaining how to use saves and help: "I have never seen this Save thing. Is it something you can eat?"
    • When explaining how to select multiple targets with a spell, the lady in the spell shop says "In that case, use the R button to select all the enemies at once. Remember this. But what is an R button anyway? I don't know. Do you know, Maxim?"
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