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Grenoble is a city that features in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.


Grenoble is a city to the southwest of Lorbenia. The city is unique in the way of having a treasure hunters guild which buys treasure found in the Old Cave to the northwest of Grenoble and also gives out "bounties" for desired pieces of treasure that have not been found yet. It is in this treasure hunters guild that The Hero and company find an old man who claims to know the whereabouts of Artea's apprentice, but he will only give out the information if he is brought a piece of treasure from the Old Cave that he has been hunting for 40 years. The party retrieves the treasure and heads back to Grenoble. The old man, now with his desired treasure, tells the party to head to the North-West Tower to find Artea's apprentice.

Services Edit

Weapons Shop:

Short Sword - 360g
Staff - 360g.
Club - 120g.
Long Knife - 180g.

Armorer's Shop:

Tan Armor - 480g.
Tan Robe - 540g.
Tan Shield - 180g.
Tan Helm - 240g.
Glass Cap - 460g.
Cloth Shoes - 300g.

Merchant's Shop:

Potion - 8g.
Antidote - 6g.
Awaken - 10g.
Stone Cure - 100g.
Shriek - 5g.
Smoke Ball - 80g.
Magic Guard - 50g.
Power Gourd - 100g.
Mind Gourd - 100g.



Items & Equipment to be found Edit


Monsters Outside Edit

Bore Worm, Mini Demon, Kobold, Giant Newt, Rat, Roozard, Giant Bat.
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