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Guard Daos appears in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom as the final boss. It was created when Daos, Amon and Gades were fused together after they had all been defeated by the heroes. Guard Daos has all of their abilities and is a lot stronger than all other enemies previously met in the game.


As Guard Daos is the final boss of the game, he is not easy to defeat if the player doesn't know a very simple trick to defeat him. First of all, Guard Daos only uses spells and he will use every opportunity he has to cast Figual, which will confuse all of the characters in the party. Therefore, it's important that Jerin uses Mirror on everyone. She should use it on herself first so that she won't get confused and remain able to cast it on everyone else. If someone actually gets confused, physically attacking that character with Jerin or Lufia will actually snap said character out of his confusion (you can also use the "shriek" items, if you do not want to deal any damage). Equip Jerin with the Elven bow, as it will hurt the characters in your party less. Since Mirror won't last very long, she should use it as much as possible throughout the battle, but she should also use Valor when necessary (and when The Hero cannot use it instead). Just have The Hero and Aguro attack while Lufia attacks with Thunder, as it's the most effective spell against Guard Daos. Strangely, Guard Daos only has two attacks; both of them can be reflected with the use of Mirror and only one of them, Flood, can actually hurt the party. After probably many turns, Guard Daos will go down and the game will be completed.


For various reasons, the fight against the Japanese version of Guard Daos is actually easier than the fight against the American version. In the original version, Guard Daos has many other attacks: he can paralyze your party, use a special physical attack, lower your party's defense, or waste a turn doing nothing as well as use a version of the Thunder spell that hits the whole party. Most of these attacks (all except the all-hitting Thunder spell) were used in the previous battles of the game by the Sinistrals, which goes to show that Guard Daos has inherited of their powers. This actually makes the battle easier than in the American version of the game, since your party does not have to constantly beware of getting confused and thus losing control of its members.

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