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Lufia & The Fortress of Doom
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Knife, Rod, Whip, Bow

Jerin is one of the four playable characters in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.


A young half-elf who hails from a small village, Jerin volunteers to be the victim of one of the Sinistral Amon's sacrifices. She asks to join Maxim's descendant and his companions on their journey after they rescue her, but is refused. However, when it comes time to cross the Lost Forest (an enchanted forest that can only be exited with the help of an elf) the Hero has no choice but to allow Jerin into the party.

Jerin serves as a foil to Lufia, as both have a crush on the Hero. Examples of their discord involve the tasting of a dish under the effects of a magic ingredient. Jerin is disgusted to discover what she had just eaten is a slime, while Lufia calls her a "Slime Elf." Another example is a verbal contest of determining who has the better hairstyle, something that the Hero is drawn into before abstaining the discussion and going back to obtaining Professor Raile's help in getting an airship.


Lufia & the Fortress of DoomEdit


Jerin as she appears in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom

Jerin vaguely resembles Artea, her counterpart from the prologue and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. She has short blonde hair and wears light clothing.

Lufia: The Legend ReturnsEdit

Doom Island war 2 chars

Jerin (second from right) along with Maxim's descendant, Lufia, and Aguro

Jerin makes a cameo appearance in the introduction of Lufia: The Legend Returns, but is not mentioned by name. She is remembered as one of the four heroes who engaged in the 2nd Doom Island War.


Jerin is a magic user whose spells, while weaker than Lufia's, often target multiple opponents. She excels at fire, ice, and healing magic. Her combat role increases when she obtains Artea's Bow, which again allows her to damage multiple opponents. In this respect, she softens the opponents up for stronger characters like the Hero and Aguro to finish off.

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