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Lorbenia is a city that features in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.


Lorbenia is a large port city located to the south of Treck, and like its northern neighbor, it maintains a strong economy through ocean-going merchantry and fishing. Lorbenia boasts a large trading bazaar filled with vendors of all kinds, a testament to a stronger economy than other cities. The city is also home to the Lorbenian Army Headquarters. The Hero and company arrive in Lorbenia via ship from Treck and are told by Aguro to meet up at the inn later on as they have much to discuss. Lufia asks The Hero to take her to the famous Lorbenian dress shop on the top floor of the bazaar. While Lufia is looking at dresses, a young boy steals her gold and runs outside. The Hero catches the boy and suggests turning him over to the army, but warmhearted Lufia simply makes the boy promise to never steal again, then lets him go on his way. The Hero and Lufia head to the inn where they are told by the innkeeper that the child who stole from them was doing so because his father, a professor who is searching the world for an artifact, left him without much gold to live on, so the entire city largely ignores it when the boy steals. Upon leaving the inn after staying a night, Aguro will meet The Hero and Lufia just outside where he tells them he will be accompanying them on their quest to destroy the Sinistrals, stating that he brought the idea up to the Lorbenian Army and that they wanted to have nothing of it, as his reason to resign. Aguro joins The Hero and Lufia and they begin to head southwest towards their next destination, Grenoble, which is said to have a man living there who could give the party information on how to find Artea.

Services Edit

Weapons Shop:

Short Sword - 360g.
Staff - 360g.
Club - 120g.
Long Knife  180g.

Armorer's Shop:

Tan Armor - 480g.
Tan Robe - 540g.
Tan Shield - 180g.
Tan Helm - 240g.
Glass Cap - 460g. 
Cloth Shoes - 300g.

Merchant's Shop 1:

Sweet Water - 10g.
Potion - 8g.
Antidote - 6g.
Swing Wing - 80g.

Merchant's Shop 2:

Magic Guard - 50g.
Power Gourd - 100g.
Mind Gourd - 100g.
Arrow - 2g.
Arrows - 10g. 
Bomb - 100g.




Earring - 80g.
Hair Band - 30g.
Broach - 50g.
Necklace - 100g.

Toy Maker:

Stuffed Bear - 50g.
Stuffed Dog - 10g.
Stuffed Pig - 10g.

Items & Equipment to be found Edit

Mid Arrow, Sweet Water.

Monsters Outside Edit

Bore Worm, Mini Demon, Kobold, Giant Newt, Rat, Roozard, Giant Bat.
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