The Master Jelly (often called the Master for short) is a recurring boss in the Lufia series. As its name implies, it resembles an enormous jelly and is found in the Ancient Cave in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals and Lufia: The Legend Returns. It does not attack, but will either flee or kill itself if the party cannot defeat it in three turns.

Lufia II: Rise of the SinistralsEdit

Master (RotS)

The Master appears on the final floor of the Ancient Cave. It proclaims that it is the strongest and oldest of the jellies and controls everything in the cave, then challenges the party to a battle. If they accept, it will fully restore their HP and MP on its first two turns, wait on its third turn, and flee on its fourth turn. If the party manages to deplete the Master's HP before it flees, it will praise their prowess and reward them with the Key to the Ancient Cave.

If the party is unable to defeat the Master within the time limit, they can also win the battle by killing themselves.

In Battle Statistics Edit

HP 9980
MP 0
ATP 10
Gold 1
Weaknesses Nothing
Drop Nothing
Drop Chances -
Special Attacks Let's regain our strength., Right, let's go!, Are we ready?, I'm out of here

Lufia: The Legend ReturnsEdit

For the enemy page, see Master (Lufia: The Legend Returns Boss).
Master (TLR)

The Master appears on the 100th floor of the Ancient Cave. When the party encounters it, they can make one of three wishes:

  • "Best weapon!" (Allows four characters to retrieve their best weapons from Parethea Shrine.)
  • "Make A.C. 200L." (Doubles the number of floors in the Ancient Cave and allows the party to reach Iris.)
  • "Nothing." (Grants the party some free levels after they win their next battle.)

After wishing for the best weapons three times, the "Best weapon!" wish will be replaced by a new wish - "Fight me!" - which will trigger a battle with the Master. If the party manages to deplete the Master's HP before it kills itself, they will be given the option to enter the Ancient Cave at the 100th floor.

Unlike the battle with the Master in Lufia II, the party can't win this battle by killing themselves.

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