Randolph's artwork from Lufia: The Legend Returns


Lufia: The Legend Returns




Royal Guard


Two-Handed Sword

Spiritual Force

Red (ATP+)

Randolph is one of the protagonists of Lufia: The Legend Returns. He is an elderly royal guard who has served under the House of Alstadt for much of his life. He is well-recognized throughout the kingdom, and his skills and courage prove indispensable when Deraf, the minister of Alstadt, conspires to remove the royal monarchy by poisoning the incumbent king to death and imprisoning Melphis, the Princess of Alstadt, in the Deserted Lighthouse. Soldiers still loyal to the monarchy try to rescue her, but fail. Randolph is first seen by the heroes wounded in Caan. After Seena partially cures his wounds, he tries to break free and goes back to the lighthouse to save the princess. Seena believes that he'll get himself killed if he continues, and the group follows him to the Deserted Lighthouse. After helping a dying Randolph once again, they eventually go on to save the princess, only to find her fighting the boss by herself instead of the stereotypical "damsel in distress" situation that they were expecting. Both Randolph and Melphis later join the group to stop Deraf and defeat Amon and the remaining Sinistrals.

Statistically, Randolph is weak in almost every stat, but has great ATK.