Reset is an essential spell in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. It allows you to you reset all the objects in a room so you can restart a puzzle if you are stuck or moved an object against a wall.

In Game Description Edit

Tutorial Edit

You learn the basics of the Reset spell in the Secret Skills Cave near the beginning of the game.

"That's right, Maxim. Please wait a moment. I almost forgot! I forgot to give you one very precious spell. You can't survive the dungeon without it. It's... Reset! When you solve a trick in this room by pushing something, you must remember one thing. Although you can push the pillars, you can't pull them. In other words, if you push the pillar against a wall or door, you can do nothing more. But don't worry! There is a Reset spell that sets it all up again. This spell sends you back in time to when you had just entered the room. Everything in the room returns to its original position, including the monsters! Reset does not take any MP. Thus, you can use it as many times as you wish. Possess this spell and you'll have nothing to fear. I shall give you the Reset spell. You can also find Reset on the Skill Ring. Press Select then up or down on the Control Pad."

Info Edit

Purchase Cost -
MP Cost 0
Elements -

Used by Edit

Artea-bw Dekar-bw Guy-bw Lexis-bw Maxim-ring Selan-bw Tia-bw