Ruby's artwork from Lufia: The Legend Returns


Lufia: The Legend Returns







Spiritual Force

Yellow (SPD+, MP+)

Ruby is one of the protagonists of Lufia: The Legend Returns. She is a gambler who has a habit of cheating to win. However, she also has a sentimental streak.

She is first appearing defending a waitress from a gambler named Tak, who seemed to have a crush on Ruby. They play a Heads-or-Tail game, on the condition that if Tak wins, she'd spend the night with him while if she wins, Tak would leave both her and the waitress alone. Turns out that the coin was fake and both sides are tail. At first glance, Wain and his friends seems to like her character.

Later she participates to the Monster Track organized by Leydock. For this year, the monster to hunt was Big Mouth, who resided in the Azoles cave. When the hero's crew managed to find the monster, they also witnessed a scenery in which Ruby was in a dire situation: Tak was using the moster to trap Ruby and she would have to chose either to get eaten by the Big Mouth or becoming Tak's woman.

She managed to turn the table by enterung Big mouth maw and making it sneeze with a bag of pepper that she carried. The sneeze managed to make her turn the table and now Tak was about to get beaten by Aima, however he managed to run away.

After defeating Big Mouth, Wain asked Ruby to join the crew, which at first surprised her but while Deckard and Dei also insisted to her coming in, she accepted.

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