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Sheran is a city that features in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.


Sheran is a city reached by traveling through the cave northwest of the tiny village, Chatam. The Hero decides to visit Sheran because of a rumor he heard involving monsters attack Sheran. Upon arrival, it is clear that those rumors were true, Sheran has been attacked and people are thrown all about, dead or dying. The Hero returns to Alekia to enlist the help of his brother Alekian Knights, but bureaucratic nonsense is putting a damper on any attempt to send a detachment to Sheran so The Hero once again takes it upon himself to head back to Sheran but as he attempts to leave, Lufia convinces him she will be accompanying him, so they both make their way to Sheran together. While passing through the cave northwest of Chatam, The Hero and Lufia come across a man named Danil who is in a bad way; he claims he is from Chatam and was going to rescue his sister, Lilah, who is a maid in Sheran Castle, the hero convinces Danil to go back to Chatam and that he will look for his sister for him. As a gift for The Hero's generosity, Danil gives him a key to Sheran Castle that his sister used. Now in Sheran, The Hero and Lufia search the castle and find the man's sister, Lilah, the King of Sheran and some others who The Hero and Lufia rescue. Upon exiting the castle grounds, the group is confronted by some evil men and their leader, who happens to be Gades, one of the four Sinistrals who were thought to be dead for the past 90 years. The Hero buys Lufia and the others time to escape to Alekia by battling with Gades, though he loses to his superior skills in combat. Lufia rushes back to Sheran just in time to find The Hero in a dire situation and demands Gades leave at once; surprisingly, he listens and orders his minions to retreat back to where they came from. If The Hero and Lufia come back to Sheran again after these events, they will find an up and running inn which they may stay at for a few gold pieces.

Services Edit

Inn - 10g.

Items & Equipment to be found Edit

Potion x4, Sweet Water, Foul Water, Antidote, Awaken, Revive, Arrow x2, Mid Arrow
Great Potion, 100g.

Monsters Outside Edit

Anemone, Earwig, Jellyfish, Big Newt, Madshroom.
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