Tanbel in Lufia II: Rise of The Sinistrals as it appears from the air

Tanbel is a location in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals and Guy's hometown.



Cost: 0 Gold

Equipment StoreEdit

Weapon Store Armor Store
Weapon Cost
Long Knife 800G
Wire 1,200G
Short Sword 900G
Kukri 1,500G
Armor Cost
Tough Hide 800G
Light Dress 1,000G
Light Armor 1,200G
Hide Helmet 800G
Wood Shield 1,200G
Bracelet 1,400G

Magic StoreEdit

Spell Cost MP Cost
Spark 300G 3MP
Droplet 400G 4MP
Gale 500G 4MP
Flash 600G 5MP
Strong 200G 3MP
Poison 300G 2MP
Drowsy 1,000G 3MP
Confuse 1,000G 3MP

Item StoreEdit

Item Cost
Hi-Potion 100G
Awake 10G
Shriek 5G
Mystery Pin 30G
Warp 120G
Escape 100G
Magic Gourd 50G
Big Boomer 500G



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