Tia in Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals

Tia is one of protagonists of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals as well as its remake, Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals.


Tia is a young woman who lives in Elcid and has grown up alongside Maxim. She owns a shop where he sells his pelts and spoils from his monster hunting, and while she expresses her disdain for his "treasure hunting" career, she does pay him just the same. When Maxim tells her that he is leaving for Sundletan to help them, she quickly decides that she is going as well.

Needless to say, Tia has some unrequited feelings for Maxim, always staying close to him to make sure he is staying out of trouble. Her feelings are conflicted, however, when Selan joins the party, and even moreso when she realizes that Maxim will never give up his adventuring ways. Distraught by this, she ends up leaving to let him continue his journey.

In the Curse of the Sinistrals remake, Tia remains a playable character and also becomes Dekar's girlfriend. Tia's name means "Tear", and she was bullied when she was younger. Maxim told her the reason she was bullied so much was because she cried so easily, and she then resolved never to cry again. She first tells this story to Dekar after Iris saves Maxim and Selan from Soma Temple's collapse. Later, after defeating Idura, Dekar sacrifices himself to save her from Idura's trap, leading Tia to cry for the first time in years at his apparent death. This same story is also told in Lufia II with variations. Tia recounts her tear story to Dekar after the second battle with Gades, shortly before Maxim and Selan marry. Tia crys for the first time since childhood at the closing of Lufia II, when asked by a friend why she is crying, Tia replies she doesn't know but cant seem to stop the tears from falling. It is implied that Tia has sensed the death of Maxim on Doom Island which most likely triggered it.


While she is not as adept at battle as Maxim, she does just fine with her mainstay weapon choice of whips. She plays the "magician" to his "warrior" in the beginning. She does appear to be quite adept at magic, but when built up correctly, she can pack quite a punch.


Tia has often been compared to Lufia of the original game because of the fact that she and Maxim have the same relationship that Maxim's descendant and Lufia had. She is constantly "hot and cold" with him, even getting mad at him for unexplained reasons sometimes. While the comparisons do stop there, the comparisons there are strong.

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