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Treck is a city that features in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.


Treck is a port city to the southwest of Sheran. The city seems to be dominated by industries related to sailing such as ocean-going merchantry and fishing. Some unique ciders are also produced in Treck at the lodge which seems to be a popular get-together spot where sailors can swap their stories. The Hero and Lufia find a old man living here who used to be a member of the Guy Legion years ago and who knows of the Sinistrals. The hero tells the old man that he is a descendant of Maxim; at this point the old man takes The Hero and Lufia to meet a woman who will take him to another person referred to as "The One", but they must first pass through the east cave. "The One" turns out to be Guy, one of Maxim's companions, and he tells the hero to seek out Artea, another of Maxim's companions. The Hero and Lufia head back to Treck and find the commander of the Lorbenian Army, Aguro, at the docks. Their short conversation is interrupted by some small demons which sink Aguro's ship and attack the group. Aguro accompanies The Hero as they find another ship and return it to Treck. The captain of this ship offers to give The Hero and company free rides between Treck and Lorbenia.

Services Edit

Weapons Shop:

Club - 120g.
Long Knife - 180g.
Dagger - 50g.
Knife - 10g.

Armorer's Shop:

Cloth Armor - 240g.
Robe - 260g.
Bracelet - 90g.
Cloth Helm - 120g.
Sandal - 50g.

Merchant's Shop:

Potion - 8g.
Antidote - 6g.
Shriek - 5g.
Swing Wing - 80g.
Arrow - 2g.
Arrows - 10g.




Pear Cider - 10g.
Plum Cider - 30g.
Lime Cider - 20g.

Lodge (Basement):

Sour Cider - 20g.
Plum Cider - 30g.

Items & Equipment to be found Edit


Power Gourd, Arrows, Smoke Ball, Swing Wing, Escape.


Hair Band, Dress.

Monsters Outside Edit

Earwig, Spider, Nettles, Anemone, Green Orb, Baby Crab.
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