Spell Used By MP Descrption
Light S 0 Lights up Darkened Areas
Reset M 0 Resets a room to its original setup
Warp TSA 8 Revisit previous villages and towns on the world map
Escape TSA 8 Escape from Dungeons, Towers & Lexis Shaia's Lab
Mirror TSMLA 3 Repels Magic Attacks
Bravery TSMLA 3 Increases DFP in Battle a little
Courage TSMLA 5 Increases DFP in Battle a lot
Fake TSMLA 4 Increases AGL in Battle
Trick TSMLA 5 Increases ATP in Battle
Shield TSMLA 4 Increases MGR in Battle
Poison TSMLA 2 Antidote for poison
Waken TSMLA 4 Wakes up Sleeping Allies
Release TSMLA 2 Cures Paralysis Status
Strong TSMLA 3 Restores some HP; (INT+20)/Allies
Stronger TSMLA 8 Restores HP (INT+120)/Allies
Champion TSMLA 16 Restores HP (INT+999)/Allies
Rally TSMLA 10 Revives fallen allies, Restores HP = to 100/Allies
Valor TSMLA 30 Revives fallen allies, Restores HP = to 2000/Allies
Fry A 20 Luminous Magic Attack - Moderate
Zap A 30 Luminous Magic Attack - Severe


T Tia
S Selan
M Maxim
L Lexis
G Guy
D Dekar
A Artea
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