Yurist's artwork from Lufia: The Legend Returns


Lufia: The Legend Returns







Spiritual Force

Blue (MAP+, REG+)

Yurist is one of the protagonists of Lufia: The Legend Returns. He is a wanderer, poet, doctor, and powerful warrior.

Yurist is first seen attending the wedding of his friend Jan, who previously fought Daos alongside Wain's team in the Tower of Sorrow and thought he won. The wedding goes well until Daos shows up, and cast an illusion spell on the bride Sammi, making her see everyone as a monster at her eyes and making her as strong as Daos physically, qnd the only way for the spell to worn out would be that either Jan or Sammi died. It takes a very dark turn as Sammi, armed with a knife tries to kill Jan, then her own sister.

Jan decides to take his own life to free Sammi from the spell. Daos reappears only to make fun of that tragic event calling it boring and saying that humans are stupid creatures. Enraged, Yurist faces Daos who was surprised at his resistance to his magic, then fought the Sinistral of Terror alongside Wain.

As the fight ended, Yurist joined the crew to avenge Jan, making sure to make Daos pay for what he did.

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